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Happy Halloween: Saleduck gets into the spirit

Press release October 30, 2015


Happy Halloween wishes from Saleduck!



Saleduck®, 2015
At the rapidly growing online coupon and deals platform Saleduck®, we wanted to use this holiday as an opportunity for strengthening our corporate culture through team building, stress reduction and cultivation of creativity. We also wanted our teams to instill our company core of values of dedication and fun through their preparations and action for the celebration.

“For Halloween, we decided to hold a party during our weekly ‘Friday drinks’ where the whole team gets together to eat, drink, and celebrate. We drank mystical drinks, ate black spaghetti & bloody bolognese, played ping pong games, a big office party and held a costume contest before heading out together to continue the occasion, to the bewilderment of some locals”, Domingo Karsten, Managing Director.


Saleduck Ping-Pong 

As a small European startup, we recognize the value of celebrating the small things together. It’s not uncommon for us to celebrate success by going for the day to Efteling theme park, cruising the canals of Amsterdam or coming to work in full Halloween costume. Afterall, we like to spend time together, even when not in the office.


The team effort in preparing Halloween themed meals for the potluck, picking out and making Halloween costumes and bringing the other event components together made our team more united and developed a new and fun onboarding process for our recently joined new interns.



Saleduck new recruits


We see ourselves as a young, multicultural and fun company that takes performance seriously and how we dealt with Halloween was a nice example of doing work, while still having fun.



Working hard


Working at Saleduck gives the feeling to be part of a family, we are a growing multicultural team that wants to share the same culture. Halloween is experienced differently by nationalities, but we wanted our startup culture to be the same and have everyone contribute and be involved.




Biking to work in Halloween Costume


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