Press Release

Unique features shortens customer journey

Press release September 27, 2018

From now on, consumers can find the best brand and product prices combined with an additional discount code on one and the same page. This next step forward from deal community Saleduck results in an easier online experience and makes the customer journey one step shorter.

Not only for consumers it’s a step forward. Advertisers will now be able to push their products and brands through another platform, like Google Shopping. This means a new opportunity for incremental sales on brand and product level as well as the already known sales on advertiser level.


The beta launch has started with 30 participating advertisers like About You, Sarenza and Plopsa. Resulting in 500 thousand listed products on Saleduck. To sort a deal on relevancy for customers’ needs, you can filter on ‘highest discount %’ or ‘men / women’.


A unique performance algorithm, made by Saleduck, makes sure that the best performing products, webshops and deals with a high consumer interest and conversion ratios receive more visibility on multiple spots on their website and through additional channels. Advertisers can improve their visibility based on the algorithm by various ways: providing an exclusive code can increase their conversion ratio. Also increasing Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Sale/Lead (CPS/CPL) to increase their traffic and the amount of sales. Similar to the Google Shopping or Adwords business model. This means performance marketing as a solution for every need.